Bibliotheek Rupelmonde

The new public function of the old town hall, including a library, seating and dining area and multipurpose room, requires an open and inviting facade. The retraction of the façade line opens the possibility to provide glazing up to the plot boundary with neighboring properties. At the same time, we provide vertical elements that reclothe the facade and visually transform it from closed to open depending on the angle of view. The construction of the facade is a combination of old and contemporary materials. Ornamental concrete provides neutrality where brick provides a nod to the history of Rupelmonde. The outdoor space at the rear with the seating steps transforms a flat boring outdoor space into a formally interesting usable space that functionally fits nicely with the library.
Design: OSQB in association with Kruijne Architectuur (KROS thv)
Location: Rupelmonde
Phase: Delivered 2021
Client: Gemeente Rupelmonde

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